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    Speak your truth.

    Give voice to you.


    ~ Christiane Schull




    I am a Life & Empowerment Coach, Breath-work practitioner, Storyteller, Mystic, Writer and Speaker.

    At the heart of my work is a passion for helping men and women speak their truth, stand in their power, transform limiting beliefs, see themselves in a new Light and give voice to their dreams, and to who they really are.


    Over 20 years, I have worked with all kinds of people from all walks of life -- corporate executives, actors, singers, choreographers, mothers, fathers, couples, teens, creatives, entrepreneurs - anyone who has sought to unburden, feel more alive and in their power - and have, do and be what they love.


    I give experiential talks, offer small group coaching & breath circles, creative writing and breath sessions and one-on-one coaching sessions and packages. I also write/ghostwrite for clients seeking to tell their story.




    ~ Christiane Schull is a Certified Life & Empowerment Coach- CPC, Certified Breath Practitioner & Rebirther, Writer, Ghostwriter and Author, Speaker and Storyteller.



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    Complimentary Consultation


    I offer a complimentary in-depth consultation over phone, skype or in person, over coffee or tea, to explore your unique situation, challenges, goals, desires and to discover how working together might be a fit.


    You are invited to schedule time here:




    It is my pleasure to support you on your journey to having, doing and being what you love.

  • Honour your journey


    follow your heart


    ~ Christiane Schull

    Christiane Schull

    I was born in London England, raised just outside Montreal, Quebec, Canada.


    I came to Los Angeles, California in 1996, fulfilling a life-long dream.


    I have a background as a freelance journalist, published ghostwriter, copywriter (some awards) and field producer in documentary television.


    In recent years, I have also been a volunteer advocate and contributing writer on behalf of two causes, the awareness and prevention of child sexual abuse & youth and adult suicide.


    In 1990, I became a Certified breathwork practitioner and rebirther and a Certified Life Coach, via ipec's accredited coach training program, 2014.


    I have facilitated small group coaching circles since 2000, brought my speaking to different conferences and ministries, including the Ocean of Gratitude Cruise thru the Caribbean Islands (2008), and have had the Grace of working with an extraordinary transformational life coach, Laurie Goldstein (www.lauriegoldstein.com). 


    I am the author of What You Speak Is Seeking You - an inspirational book about becoming a conscious creator and cultivating more love, appreciation and gratitude in our lives (2007).


    My life has been blessed by the study of ancestral forgiveness and peacemaking prayer, particularly, the work of Howard Wills (www.howardwills.com), as well as the ancient Hawaiaan forgiveness tradition of Ho'o'ponopono.


    In 2010, I was invited to participate in the 4th International Poetry Festival in Paris, France, among poets from around the world.






    ~ Christiane Schull



    Come Alive to your Life

    Give Voice to Who You Are

    Breathwork is a life-affirming, life-enhancing process. It is a gentle way to renew your mind, revitalize your body and come alive to your life - giving voice to the dreams of your heart and who you really are.


    How it works:


    At a physical level, breath oxygenates the blood, energizes and stimulates the body’s natural ability to cleanse and purify itself of toxins, ultimately, enhancing your overall health and vitality.


    At a spiritual, mental and emotional level, breath purifies and renews your mind, opens and unburdens your heart, lightens and nourishes your spirit.


    It brings you into harmonious alignment with the beauty, creativity and joy of life, with what you feel, what you love and who you really are.



    10 sessions recommended for client on path of self-awareness, empowerment, well-being and freedom.



    Christiane Schull is a Certified Breathwork practitioner and Rebirther since 1990 & Certified Life Coach & Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner, 2014.


    To schedule a complimentary consultation:




  • Never Underestimate the Power of Your Love

    Speak Up, Show up, Be a Voice

    ~ Christiane Schull

  • Give Yourself Permission to be Great

    What You Speak Is Seeking You

    words by Christiane Schull, pictures by Nicole Katano

    We dream ourselves into existence...

    words by Christiane Schull, pictures by Nicole Katano

    Live in the YES of who you are

    words by Christiane Schull, pictures by Nicole Katano

    There are vast universes of possibility within you

    words by Christiane Schull, pictures by Nicole Katano

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